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We can assist you at any point of the supply chain process from ideation to post launch and anywhere in between. We help with formula creation, ingredient sourcing, packaging and manufacturing.  Sourcing the right suppliers for your product is key and we have the expertise.  Mad Innovation has a strategic network of partners within the Food, Confection, Beverage and Personal Care Industries to help you create your dream concept without sacrificing anything.  We are obsessed with quality; we do not sign off on anything until we know it's stable and market ready.          


We offer personalized services in addition to full scale development. 

Contact us for a discovery session. We are here for you!    

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Client Feedback



Melissa Golubski

Product Manager, Midmark Corp

Meghan helped turn my dream into a reality. I now have a delicious product that I feel confident taking to market. I loved working with her as she is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She was always willing to test new ingredients and I felt like she went the extra mile to make sure my product turned out great. I highly recommend!


Sam Jacobs

Founder, Power Pulse Foods

Meghan is an expert beverage formulator who went above and beyond to turn my product vision into reality. She has strong technical skills and played a major role in investigating and sourcing complex ingredients. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend. 


Sally Kravich

M.S.Holistic Nutrition Ph.D. Holistic Health & Nutrition, Author, Speaker

Delighted with the expertise, dedication, creativity, and professionalism that Meghan provided in our work together.  She is a wonderful team player and is always motivated to find and implement the best solutions.  I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with her again.  Thank you, Meghan!


Cristina Ros Blankfein

Co-Founder at Be Mixed

Meghan is very knowledgable and thorough. She has a creative approach given her strong technical skills. 

Jennifer Ross

co-founder at Be Mixed

Meghan added valuable technical information to our discussions and was a pleasure to work with. 


Bobby Kasolas

Founder of Power Potions 

Meghan developed a very clean and stable product that was visually beautiful and tasted incredible. It also successfully achieved my vision of being both a wonderful standalone beverage as well as a mixing agent for cocktails. Meghan proved to be very clever in developing a preservative free formula with a simple and short label. Specifically, she was also challenged with using a particular supplier/co-packer that did not have hot fill capabilities. .....Meghan was highly motivated and detailed with assuring the quality and stability of my product. Since then, I have hired her for numerous projects and evaluations. I have also referred her to other friends and clients seeking the development of beverages and other products. 




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